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Health Benefits

Co-employment provides better health benefits for
employees, whatever your company size.
Several programs available
Make your company more attractive to top talent by providing superior benefits through co-employment. All without the high-cost and administrative hassle for your business.


  • This is a fully funded/fully insured participatory program for the employee, approved by the Department of Insurance that is an ancillary product.
  • The product provides a wellness program for the employee, hospital indemnity, and on average $100/month pay raise if the employee participates in the program at no out of pocket cost to the employee.
  • The employer on average saves $650/year/employee in payroll tax savings, and the main goal is to have healthier employees and decrease health care costs with no out of pocket cost to the employer.
  • For every 1,000 employees, a company will save $650,000 per year in payroll tax savings.
  • Enrollment can occur at any time of the year. This program is not a replacement for major medical insurance.

Eliminate administrative drag from your daily operations while still offering your employees exceptional benefits and maintaining ACA compliance with the PEO Health Benefits program.

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Upgrade your benefits; eliminate adminstrative hassle
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