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PEO California
Looking for a Professional Employer Organization for your California business? We will help you find the best PEO for you to save you the most time and money.
  • Low workers' comp premiums
  • Affordable employee benefits
  • Save time on payroll and taxes
  • HR expertise at your fingertips

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Low premiums. No Hassle.
We partner clients with the Professional Employer Organization or HR Service Provider that's ideal for their ongoing needs at the most competitive rates.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches – with us, it's all about tailored solutions crafted for your business.
We only work with a small group of the best regional and national providers, ensuring top-notch service.
We'll match you to the provider with the best rates who specializes in your industry.

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    Payroll Processing

    Payroll Processing and Administration

    Tax Filings and Direct Deposits

    Payroll Debit Cards, W-2s, and more

  • human resources.png
    Human Resources

    Administrative services include:

    Consulting and support

    Compliance with OSHA, COBRA, HIPPA, ADA, I-9, IRS, FMLA, IRCA, ERISA, FLSA, and sexual harassment claims

    Schedule a call to learn more.

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